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New Capabilities in Version 4.1

Our most recent update of the Directory software and database adds some features we were unable to get into V4.0, and repairs several defects.  Revisions include:

  1. Continuing improvements to "look and feel" consistent with AIS standards.
  2. A real-time, automated login to the AIS membership database for AIS members.
  3. Improved searching capabilities especially for misspelled names.
  4. Revised and updated procedures that permit one person in a department to manage records for all.
  5. Ability to request that your (or others) record be deleted from the Directory.
  6. Greatly improved facilities for regional administrators, so they may maintain more current and accurate records.

Dave Naumann
May 15, 2004

New Capabilities in Version 4.0

The directory software has been completely redesigned and rewritten for version 4.0.  This was done during 2002, with financial support from AIS.  The objectives were to build on over 8 years of experience to create an entirely Web-based service, and to provide additional support to the members of our global professional organization AIS.  The features of the new software include:

  1. An improved and updated "look and feel" consistent with AIS standards.
  2. An active link to the AIS membership database so that members are recognized and given special enhancements.
  3. A "login" feature using either last name and password from the directory, or from the AIS database, name or member ID and password.
  4. An enhanced search after login that supports additional fields and combinations of fields. 
  1. Immediate record updating for logged-in members.
  2. Presentation of more information about entries for logged-in members.
  3. Removed limits on the results of searches for logged-in members.
  4. Ability to scroll through results of a search.
  5. Contact download in the form of the "VCard" standard supported by popular contact management programs including Outlook and Netscape.
  6. Multiple records (only one record active at a time) for faculty on visiting or other temporary locations.
  7. Free-form text descriptions of teaching in addition to the many classification codes currently used.
  8. Teaching interest searches using words and phrases, in addition to or in combination with classification codes.
  9. Addition of department head and department contact person identifiers.
  10. Provisions for department heads/contacts to add, delete, and edit records of all faculty in their departments.
  11. Selection lists  for countries, institutions, and departments when new records are entered to reduce misspellings and improve data quality.
  12. Separate database tables for institutions and departments that will eventually provide hooks for more information specific to those entities.
  13. More powerful administration and data maintenance tools to improve data quality.
  14. Easier connections for organizations and journals to link their displays to individuals' records using XML Web services.

This is the third complete re-do of the directory.  It originally evolved using Cold Fusion  and Access and is now written mostly in C# on a .Net platform using SQL Server as the database.  We think this rewrite, which was supported by an AIS grant, is the appropriate next step of improving this very important service and linking its features more closely with our international professional organization.

Dave Naumann
March 7, 2003

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