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MISRC-AIS Faculty Directory

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Access and control over database contents

Textbook publishers, professional organizations, and others whose purposes would generally be perceived as strictly academic, are welcome to purchase one-time mailing labels with permission, contact Ms. Janice DeGross for  more information.

Selected contents of the Directory are available to researchers who agree to use those data in such a way as to make it impossible or unlikely to identify any individual listed in the Directory. However, the Directory may not be used for any mass contact mailing or emailing such as survey research.  If you would like to use the directory for research, please email  Dave Naumann

If and when a need arises, we will pass unusual requests on to the leadership of AIS to decide on researchers' use of Directory data.  If necessary, AIS will establish a review committee especially for such use of Directory data.  This committee is expected to consist of AIS members who are also research leaders in the IS field.

Finally, we strongly encourage professional organizations, journals, etc., to establish direct links so that they may display up-to-date contact information for editors, reviewers, and authors (see JMIS, the AIS Electronic Library, and the AIS Council and Staff directory for examples); contact Dave Naumann to set up your links.

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