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MISRC-AIS Faculty Directory

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Faculty Directory Home Page

This  Directory of Information Systems Faculty and Researchers is a joint effort of the MISRC and AIS. Use the buttons above and below to navigate through the site. This page includes a short introduction to the site and how to use it.

Why Should I Care About the Directory?

People will use the directory to find your website. You will use it to find those with similar teaching or research interests or to find likely candidates to review papers. You can also use it to find out who is at a particular university or IS faculty in a particular state or country.

How Do I Search the Directory?

You can search the directory in a number of ways, as indicated by the buttons that appear at the top of this page. To search by name click on the "Name" label and then follow the instructions.

Am I in Listed in the Directory?

Do a search on yourself to find out. Make sure all of your details are accurate. If you need to update your record, click on "Change" in the list at the top of the page.

How do I Get In the Database?

If you are not entered (first, search for yourself), click on "New Entry" above and then follow the instructions.

What are the benefits for AIS members?

AIS members may login to use more powerful search and update tools. Most should be obvious after a bit of exploration and use.  Look further to find out more about the new capabilities .  If you are a department head, please  manage your department's entries.

 Faculty Directory version 4.1
Set your Directory bookmark to

Updating and Cleanup is under way! Some Faculty Directory entries contain errors that make them effectively useless. Entries with invalid email addresses head this list. We are removing over 700 records with this problem, or nearly 10% of the Directory.

Next up, entries that have not been updated for more than 5 years will be deleted. Please click on your entry, and if "Last updated" is old, click the Change command and follow the instructions.

If any of your site are not in the Directory, please ask them to add their entries!

Who can use information from the database?

The AIS Faculty Directory is freely available to anyone seeking information about IS faculty around the world. It may be searched by name, research and teaching interests, and location. Contents of the directory may not be used for any commercial purpose without permission. (See Access Control for more information.)

Who Developed This Directory?

This is version 4.1 of the directory of Information Systems Faculty and Researchers from around the World. This service was developed and is operated by the Information and Decision Sciences Department and the Management Information Systems Research Center of the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.  The Directory is supported by AIS, the Association for Information Systems.

Who Manages the Directory?

These pages and the directory are managed by Professor J. David Naumann .   Address comments and feedback to Dave Naumann.

New Directory Entry

This International directory of Information Systems Faculty and Researchers is reviewed by several regional editors. Inclusion in the directory is not automatic. It is subject to the review and approval of the appropriate editor. If you are an academic researcher or an IS researcher in industry we hope you will submit your information for inclusion here.

When you submit a new entry you can expect to receive e-mail and other confirmatory correspondence at the discretion of the regional editor. This authentication and validation process may take days or even weeks, depending on the workloads of volunteer regional editors.

Please be patient. The Directory Advisory Board remains convinced that a substantial portion of the value of this directory lies in its validity and accuracy. The purpose of this somewhat cumbersome authentication procedure is to maintain database validity and accuracy. Once you have an approved entry you may make instant passworded updates.


If you already have an entry in the directory, and want to update any aspect of it, including a change of name, change of address, university, or any other information, then please use the CHANGE form instead of this new entry form. If you are not sure whether you have an existing entry or not, then please search the directory for yourself to find out.

This revised version began operation on May 15, 2004.

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